Hey guys. I’m finally figuring out this blog thing and diggin’ it. There are new links on the left. The first is to the Yahoo group that I moderate called “Noah’s Mark.” The second is my Yahoo profile. Some of you may have noticed that my email address has changed. If you email me at davemcdowell@charter.net you will still find me. That email address is being forwarded to my new address which is:


You may wonder where the name comes from. It is from a Project 86 song called “Spill Me” which I really like. I will print the lyrics below. Merrry Christmas!

My Back is so full of scrapes

With the miles I’ve walked of waste

Fade and fall away against

And numb my hunger to taste

What’s the basis for change?

Excuses to feed my ego’s rage?

I cling to my comfort to quench because

I’m content with my sadistic wretch

Find every reason not to kill the halfway beast

that steals my only peace

Don’t expect it to rest Until its home is a naturalistic nest

But there is no coincidence But there is no compromise


Close my grip on the floodgates

and lean on the back of the covenant sealed in dreams

Anticipate the backlash

Uncountable grins fade to screams

Doubt’s an ocean away on a sea that my last mistake drowned unwillingly

I don’t have the trust to float inside the waves that seek to spill me.


Unrealistic ideals Promises I can’t keep I don’t have those luxuries

I don’t have the time you do to sleep

So now it starts And now it begins I’ve waited too long for this

For your fear to interfere again So now my vision’s secured


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