My Autobiography

Part Seven–Michigan Part One

I was unable to return to Liberty for a second semester due to financial reasons. I moved back to North Carolina and got a job in a factory. But I was very restless and I felt like I didn’t belong there. I began to pray and ask my friend Steve to pray with me and for me. A few months later, Steve had an idea. He wanted me to move to Michigan, stay with him and his parents for a while and then get an apartment with him. He knew of a school called William Tyndale College that I could attend. I thought it was a great idea and moved to Plymouth, Michigan in June of 1995.

Michigan was a cultural shock to me. First of all, it was cold. I didn’t really like that at all. Secondly, I discovered that northern Christians approached things very differently and much more progressively than southern Christians. But I thrived and I began to grow quite fast spiritually. I remember one particular evening praying in my room to the Jars of Clay song, “Worlds Apart.” I really wanted God to “take my world apart” and little did I know, He was about to.

In October of 1995, my Mom had remarried to a man that I did not particularly care for at all. We did not get along and frankly, I thought my mom could do better. I resigned myself to accepting him because my mother said she loved him, but it did not make me happy.


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