My Autobiography

Part Ten–Michigan Part Two

In June of 1998, I packed up everything that I owned in my 1991 Honda Civic along with the $250 that I could scrape up and moved to Michigan. The first week was a blur. I helped my friend Steve get ready for his wedding. The day he got married, I pulled him aside. “Steve,” I said, “I know you’re getting married today, but I do not have a place to live yet. What do you suggest I do?” Steve reached into his pocket and gave me his apartment keys. “You have two weeks in my place. Don’t be there when I get back.”

On the Monday after the wedding, I drove over to Tyndale. There was no one for me to see at the time and I was told to try again the next day. I went and applied for several jobs that day. The next day, I went back to Tyndale and I was told that since I had special circumstances, that I may live in the dorm for the summer provided that I paid rent. The next day, I was offered a job with Things Remembered. Within three days, God provided for me a job and a place to live! Thank you, Lord!


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