My Autobiography

Part Fifteen–The Proposal

In August 2000, I abruptly left Franklin Covey and I began a new job working as a Branch Sales and Service Representative for National City Bank in Bingham Farms, Michigan in October. I remained a Tyndale student throughout all of this time. Around the beginning of 2001, I began to feel led of the Lord that Kandice would be the one that I would marry. I began to make plans for the proposal. I continued to grow in the Lord at my church. In July 2001, Kandice and I took a trip to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina together. As we sat on the shore early one afternoon, I began to play hangman in the sand. After spelling out two or three relatively trivial things, I finally spelled out, “Will You Marry Me?” in the sand. She had every letter but the r’s when she realized what it said and began to cry. I got on one knee and proposed to the love of my life. And, thank the Lord, she said yes.

Kandice and I felt that we should “plug in” and find a place to minister within our church. We landed in the youth department as youth workers and we absolutely loved it. We began to develop relationships with the youth and to grow with them. Often times, they were more of an encouragement to me as I was to them.


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