My Autobiography

Part Nineteen–Conclusion

I often tell people that there are challenges to being a reformed charismatic. Recently, somebody posed to me the question, “Why is it so important for your next church to be reformed?” At the time, I did not have a really good answer. But after some thought, I now know why. I’m not so concerned with it being reformed. I’m concerned with my church being about truth. I believe that the reformed position of Scripture is the closest to the correct position. I believe it is truth. With that being said, I am also charismatic. I not only affirm that all spiritual gifts are for today, I celebrate it. I also believe this to be truth. But there are many denominations out there that do not believe what I believe. Can I come to an agreement with, for instance, a Wesleyan brother? Absolutely. But would I pick a Wesleyan church? No. I want a church where I am free to be who I am, believe what I believe (within parameters) and be challenged to grow. If that means that I have to compromise some on some of the nonessentials then so be it. Like I said, my biggest concern is that I leave church being challenged and encouraged.

I look forward to the future with anticipation, prayer, and a raised eyebrow. I sometimes have to labor to suppress the cynic in me and let God be God. But I’m anxious to see what God does and how He will use me.

Update: 4-15-04–That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. The good news is that we have now found a church home. We attend Metro South Church in Flat Rock, Michigan. It is nondenominational, contemporary and very relevent. Quite honestly, it is unlike any church I’ve ever seen. It’s link is on the left side of my blog. I still look forward to the future. I should be graduating in December with my degree and I’m in the process of looking for seminaries. Thanks for reading, ya’ll. I will now return to only a post every couple of days. Love, Peace, and a pot of neck bones.

Dave M.


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