A short story I just found… Hope you like.

On January 30, 2005, Fidel Castro, long-time leader of the country of Cuba, passed away. His brother, Miguel Castro, assumed the dictatorship. Miguel was much more ruthless than his brother, and, after building a military for a year, launched an invasion at the beginning of 2006 of the Florida Keys. The United States still had large amounts of military personel in Afganistan and Iraq. The year before, Osama bin Laden had been finally captured and things were settling down a bit. However, the use of force would stretch the forces thin. The United States did declare war on Cuba, however. Unfortunately, China, long-time allies with Cuba, began to send aid. The amount of aid reached the point to a pace that the U. S. also declared war on China. At the end of April, 2006, all of the Florida Keys had fallen to the Cubans.

On June 1, 2006, the Cubans and Chinese launched an invasion of Miami. A massive amount of troops were sent to the area, but not before Miami had fallen. Subsequently, Great Britain and France, sensing danger, came to the aid of the United States and declared war on Cuba and the Chinese. The United Nations condemned Cuba and China for their actions and pledged support for the Allies. World War III had begun.

June 6, 2006—The mayor of Miami surrenders the city to Cuba.

June 8, 2006—The Anti-Cuban Front, a militant anti-Cuban paramilitary organization, reorganizes and changes their names to the Americans For Liberty. This is seen as a positive move by the Department of Homeland Security and by the CIA. The AFL subsequently goes underground.

June 30—A CIA safehouse is contacted by a member of the AFL calling himself Silencer. The are looking to establish a relationship based upon the common goal of the liberation of Miami. The CIA agree to the relationship and offer to feed them info in exchange of info.

July 4—The CIA feeds info to to the AFL regarding the confiscation of motorcycles because of a perceived threat to the Cuban government. By September 1, all motorcycles that are owned and operated will only be operated by a government official.

July 6—Jose Castro, son of Miguel Castro, is appointed governor of the new Cuban State of Florida.

July 13—The mayor of Miami signs an agreement to convert the Miami Police Department to government officials. In response to this, the CIA encourages the AFL to recruit discouraged MPD members.

July 15—Announcement is made of the new alert level system.

Level 1: Police Warrants Issued

Level 2: Active Police Search

Level 3: MPD Helicopter Force Activated

Level 4: SWAT activated

Level 5: Cuban Bureau of Investigations activated

Level 6: Military is alerted

July 18—Enforcement of the new motorcycle policy begins.

July 20—The AFL is contacted by a representative of a group of discouraged MPD officers. They offer to leave, but insist they cannot do so voluntarily. A mission is planned to extract the group of officers during a motorcade and disguise it an assassination attempt.

July 31—

Mission Debriefing

30 July 2006—1330 hours—AFL members were posted on top of several buildings with rocket launchers, assault rifles, grenades, sniper rifles, and other elite weapons. As the motorcade approached ground zero, the first car was taken out by a rocket. This stopped the motorcade from moving. While the car containing the dictator went around the burning car, a distraction team chased it while approximately 20 members of the AFL scaled down the buildings. They subsequently isolated the 20 discouraged members and took the remaining force into custody which numbered about 10 men. The distraction team withdrew from the chase and returned to a back-up operations base. Under heavy anti-aircraft fire, five blackhawk helicopters landed and extracted the ten prisoners as well as the 20 discouraged members and the 20 AFL members. The ten prisoners were taken into the U.S. portion of Florida and the 40 others were dispatched at a backup operations center to “disappear.”

Mission Objective: Accomplished

August 31—After one month of intense training, the twenty new members of the AFL are fully trained and ready to be assimilated into the force which now totals almost 100 members.

September 1—Twenty AFL snipers take out twenty high-ranking targets on motorcycles simultaneously. The symbolism is noted by the Cubans.

September 3—Training begins for as massive mission aimed to take out a large division of the Miami PD, SWAT, Cuban Intelligence, and the Cuban and Chinese military.

October 4—

Mission Debriefing

03 October 2006—0903 hours—Three snipers stationed on top of the Malibu Night club, a club known for its Cuban allegiance, took out MPD officers patrolling outside prompting a Level 1 Alert. Other officers were also taken out prompting a Level 2 Alert. As police officers arrive, their cars were taken out by rockets. This prompts a Level 3 Alert. MPD Helicopters were activated and quickly located the snipers, but not before several helicopters were destroyed. Level 4 is activated and SWAT moved in. As their trucks arrive, they were taken out also by rocket launchers. The CBI is activated and despite their great tactical moves, the vehicles were destroyed by rockets and the remaining officers destroyed by sniper and assault rifle fire. Level 6 is activated and the full weight of the Cuban and Chinese military begin to bear down on the club. Radio communication is intercepted from Cuban military officials for all the officers that are inside the Malibu to stay put for their safety. Appropriate amounts of C4 were set on the roof and the three snipers scaled the wall to go to extraction point Alpha. Sniper Alpha and Bravo were severely wounded during the extraction and captured by the Cubans. Sniper Charlie was killed. However, before he died, he was able to detonate the C4. It was enough to level the Malibu Club and half a city block around it.

Meanwhile, the distraction of the Malibu Club attack was a large enough distraction for the Allied Forces to mount a strong attack on a large weapons supply post at the docks. Several ships containing a large amount of troop supplies were destroyed as they were waiting to be unloaded.

Mission Objective: Accomplished

Casualties: Allies–

KIA— Sniper Charlie

POW— Sniper Alpha

Sniper Bravo


KIA—Unknown, but estimates are at 350 with 500 wounded.


October 6—Sniper Charlie’s name is released.

Richard Miguel Santoz

Born: December 7, 1980

Died: October 3, 2006

Occupation: Worked as a member of the Anti-Cuban Front and then for the AFL.

Background: Born and raised in Miami. Joined the Marines in 1998. Dispatched for Tour of Duty in Afganistan in 2001 and then in Iraq in 2002. Honorably discharged in June 2003. Joined the Anti-Cuban Front in August 2004. Leaves behind a wife and two kids.

Sniper Alpha and Sniper Bravo are executed on live Cuban television. The President addresses the nation saying, “The Cubans are limping toward destruction.”

November 8 2203 hours—Operation Final Blow begins. A squad of Navy Seals HALO in to the middle of Miami and set up a small perimeter near a Cuban communication station. After knocking out communications, an AFL agent detonates a large amount of C4 in a power station knocking out power for almost all of Miami. A massive air raid begins with selected targets.

November 9—At dawn, the invasion begins with large amounts of troops landing on Miami Beach. Before sunset, the southern part of the city is completely in Allied hands.

November 10—At dawn the Northern Front that has remained still since June and begins to put the squeeze on the Cuban and Chinese troops. The Navy has blocked several Cuban and Chinese ships from entering Floridian waters, thus blocking reinforcements. and soon the casualties begin to mount up. Just before sunset, the Cuban and Chinese army surrender in the streets of Miami.

November 11—Miguel Castro sends his general to Miami to negotiate a cease-fire.

November 12—Talks of surrender of the Cubans are going well and the President grants a temporary cease-fire.

November 14—Talks begin to break down when the general refuses to remove his troops form the Florida Keys.

November 15—Talks end abruptly and the cease-fire is broken when U.S. ships fire on strongholds on the Keys’ coast.

November 22—0602 hours—Simultaneous invasion of each of the Florida Keys begins and ends the same day with barely a shot being fired.

November 23—Miguel Castro asks for another cease-fire.

November 24—The President grants another cease-fire.

November 25—Castro’s general arrives in Miami for another round of talks.

November 26—Talks begin to break down when the President demands that Castro step down as dictator and allow a democracy to be put into place.

November 27—Talks again end abruptly and the President announces the cease-fire is over. On national television he announces that he will seek to invade Cuba.

November 28—In a startling move, China announces that they will no longer send aid to Cuba and will move all ships and troops out of the area.

November 30—The Allies and the Chinese sign a permanent peace agreement

December 1—Dubbed “The Christmas Campaign”, Cuba is invaded by Allied Forces and falls within one week.

December 9—Cuba unconditionally surrenders to the Allied Forces.


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