Who Is God?

There is only one God. This may seem to answer the question “how many” rather than “who,” but I believe the fact that there is only one God to be important to Christianity for it stands in stark contrast to religions who have more than one God. Because God is one (Deuteronomy 6:4), he is more than the pagan version of gods who reign over one specific area of nature. God reigns over all (Acts 17:24).

God is perfect. God is the epitome of perfection (Job 11:7). Because He is perfect, He rewards those who seek after Him (Hebrews 11:6) Also, because He is perfect, He hates sin (Psalm 5:5). Because He hates sin and is a just God, he is most severe in His judgments (Nahum 1:2). He is immutable (James 1:17). God is eternal (Psalm 90:2). God is not only a loving God, he IS love (I John 4:8). He is “gracious, merciful, long-suffering, abundant in goodness and truth, forgiving iniquity, transgression, and sin” (Westminster Confession, Exodus 34:6).

All things good are found in God (John 5:26, Acts 7:2, Psalm 119:68, 1 Timothy 6:15, Romans 11:36). God is sovereign (Revelation 4:11). He is omniscient (Hebrews 4:13, Romans 11:33). Mankind and all creation owes God our worship and obedience (Revelation 5:12).


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