The Fab Five False Prophets

Last night I was sort of bored and channel surfing and I came across “Queer Eye

For The Straight Guy” just as it was coming on, and like anyone else with human

curiosity, I stopped to watch. But I soon realized that they were spreading a

“gospel”. No, they never mentioned God, the Bible, Jesus Christ, Satan, heaven

or hell, going to church or anything that remotely sounded like “religion”. But

wait a minute, are you saying the “Fab Five” are false prophets? Well, let me

put it this way. At the beginning of the show, during the entro, each member of

the fab five receives an urgent phone call, only to look at their phones and

see a “Batman” like calling icon on their phones that a “rescue” is needed.

As the music plays with words something like “things begin to change, while you

are around, while you are around,” they pass “straight” men on the street, the

side walk and depicted in store windows and such, as they are transformed when

the fab five passes them by. As the show progresses, with each one of them

playing their role as a guru of culture, food, fashion, home decor and personal

hygiene; “clients” eventually admit how their eyes have been opened, that the

“gay guys” have spread nothing but love and happiness to them and have

basically shown them “the way” and the ere of their own lives through their

fabulous knowledge and wisdom. As I watched the show, one “straight guy” even

wrote a poem to them after his own transformation from an immature, unkempt and

careless person to someone of stance, style, grace, maturity and class.

So by the end of the show, after watching a monitor from afar of their clients

“coming out” party to make sure they have followed all the newly given rules of

a fab life while hosting a party, and to see all their new followers friends

and family’s reactions to the new person they have become; another hopeless

person and their pitiful lives have been transformed from a caterpillar to a

butterfly, as the fab five raise their wine glasses and toast each other from

their very tastefully decorated New York city loft. The episode ends. Now am I

calling these guys false prophets? You bet I am. But here’s the blinding trick

to the whole thing, It looks totally innocent. I mean after all, all these gay

guys are doing is helping people to become more cultured, well kept and mature

right? Here’s the real deal. People in this world are begging for something.

Something that will give them peace of mind, happiness, love, joy and show then

that they can be a somebody that’s worth something.

The fab five spreads false love, false hope and false humility while making it

seem like you can be a perfect person and receive a perfect life. That is if

you will only follow the rules of what’s politically and socially correct, be a

person of culture and basically live life like some sort of dancing wood elf

spreading love peace and joy wherever you go–as long as you dress with class,

have the right hair style and keep your bathroom clean as you do it. Ten years

ago, who would have thought five gay guys would teach the world how to live?

People need something and want something. But what they really don’t know, is

that it’s really God and His son Jesus Christ that they need and want, because

He has placed a desire for our own creator into each and every one of us. But

the really sad part of the whole thing, is the fact that the guy who created

this series has had the guts to step up to the plate of a dying and needy

world, to give them what they think they need, while tugging at

the most sensitive muscle–the heart. Yet most Christians and Pastors are

afraid to even “go there” when it comes to things like homosexuality and false

prophets. But that’s part of the lie. Because when most people think of a false

prophet, they think of someone who claims to be something or someone “in God”

that they really aren’t, while teaching some Bible twisting doctrine that rides

the borderline of the surreal, as the rest of the world can’t figure out how

the followers he does have, could be so stupid. Yet people like the “fab five”

are completely acceptable and helping people, because they’re doing such a good

job of it.

We Christians so desperately need to step up and give the world what it really

needs, instead of feeding them garbage and hopeless crumbs from a corrupted

world with false love and sentimentality. And as sad as it seems, so far, gay

people seem to be the only ones that are willing and gutsy enough to actually

do it, at least from a sub-culture point of view–as we Christians remain inside

the doctrinal walls we have built for ourselves and only “let in” the chosen

few. While the fab five, as well as their lifestyles, are becoming heros for

being bold enough to be outside of those walls. It’s easy to see the obvious

when it comes to the fakery of Satan to many of us. But yet when it comes to

those who have never learned or been told about Jesus Christ, sometimes it’s

not. God help us all open the spiritual eyes that He has given us.

Be blessed


Copyright 2003-2004 – Spirit Walkers Ministries

Reprinted With Permission


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