I was not quite five years old when Ronald Reagan was sworn into office, but I was 12 years old when he left office. I grew up with Ronald Reagan so I was drawn to tears when I heard of his passing.

When I think of the 80’s, there are a few things that come to mind: Back To The Future, Hair Metal, big hair, hoola-hoop earrings, acid-wash jeans, Belinda Carlisle, Pepsi Free, Max Headrom, the Cold War, and Ronald Reagan. President Reagan inherited quite a mess from Carter’s doom-and-gloom administration. However, he proved himself with his quick wit and his promotion of “Reaganomics” that utilized a military and arms buildup to not only provide this country with much-needed jobs, but to outspend the Soviet Union which subsequently led to their disintegration just two years after Reagan left office.

Despite your political affiliation, you cannot help but admire a man who really did so much for this country. You cannot deny what the situation was in 1981 and you cannot deny what it was in 1989 when he left office. It was much better.

Thank you, President Reagan.


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