I’m not a sports fan. But I live near a city that loves it’s Red Wings and even it’s Lions. And last night, we were lovin’ the Pistons.

In the past few years, Detroit has got a bad reputation…and rightly so. At one time, Detroit had the highest murder rate per capita in the United States. But contrary to popular belief, Detroit is trying to become a city to respect again. Some may argue that they are trying to do it the wrong way, but Detroit is trying to build up it’s downtown, trying to again become a city of distinction rather than a city of desperation.

With that being said, the darlings of ABC and ESPN did not want to admit that it may be possible for their L.A. Lakers to lose to who? The Pistons? Nah. The Pistons can’t beat the Lakers. I mean, they’re from Detroit, right? Well, Shaq was shut down, Kobe was counted out, and the Mailman did not deliver. By the way, I thought there was a mandatory retirement age for postal workers.

But you cannot count Detroit’s win by merely saying that the Lakers did not play well. The Lakers did play five games of horrible sub-Lakers basketball. But Detroit brought it, too and now America has learned to fear the ‘fro. Underdogs do not win series 4 games to 1. Champions do.

The Pistons also managed to bring together a city that has had it’s share of tough times. Indeed, the city was unified by the simple phrase, “Go Pistons.” For at least a few days, there were some things in Detroit that were forgotten. But one of them was not the spirit of Detroit. It lives on. And it’s much more than a statue near Hart Plaza. It lives inside every person that lives and works in Detroit. Guys, from a guy who is not normally a sports fan, but that is now a Pistons fan, thanks for reminding me about the great city of Detroit.

And as far as next season goes…



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