I spoke of Bob Jones University the other day. Well, it turns out that Bob Jones III is retiring as President of the fundamentalist school at the end of the school year. Here’s the story:

GREENVILLE, SC – January 20, 2005 . . . Dr. Bob Jones III will retire as president of Bob Jones University at the annual commencement exercises May 7, 2005, Bob Jones University announced today. The Board of Trustees has elected Rev. Stephen Jones, Vice President for Administration and Chief Administrative Oversight Officer, to succeed his father as president.

Dr. Jones has been elected Chancellor of the University and will continue as Chairman of the Board.

During Dr. Jones’ 34-year tenure as president, the University saw its largest advances in academic programs and expansion of campus facilities and extended its outreach around the globe, today drawing students from all 50 states and 46 countries.

Stephen Jones will be the fourth president in the 78-year history of the University. He earned a B.A. in Public Speaking from BJU in 1992, a Master of Divinity in 1996, and in May will earn a Ph.D. in Liberal Arts Studies with concentrations in business, education, and organizational communication. Mr. Jones was a member of the University faculty for five years, teaching Speech Communication and Pulpit Speech, and also served as Dormitory Supervisor and Assistant to the President. He assumed his current executive position of Vice President for Administration in 2001.

“The opportunity to step into the role occupied by my father, grandfather, and great-grandfather is overwhelming,” said Jones. “The faculty and staff that the Lord has assembled here are unmatched in their abilities, dedication, and love for our students. I can’t imagine a greater joy than serving side by side with them in this new role and being involved in the lives of the world’s most wonderful student body. I am eager for the days that lie ahead for Bob Jones University and believe that the Lord has wonderful things in store for us as we remain faithful to His Word.”


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