I’m not sure if I mentioned this or not, but I am flat on my
back now after the accident. I tried to work this past Friday, but the
effort was so uncomfortable and made me so tired that I was not able to
return. I am going to receive disability pay one way or the other depending
on the prognosis I receive tomorrow when I finally get in to see an
orthopedic doctor at the University of Michigan Hospital. Anyway, I’ve been
trying to catch up on my movie watching. I watched Anchorman (I do not
recommend it), The Alamo (Fantastic! Rent this one!) and finally, Luther.
Luther, to be blunt, was just awesome. It was inspiring and I
found myself cheering him on many times. It was an incredible character
study of how conflicted Luther was. His intention was never to leave the
Catholic church, but found himself extremely at odds with the church after
it refused to make any changes. Despite his many flaws, Luther had a
fervent commitment to Christ and, at least as his character was revealed in
the movie, was a bit naïve when it came to church politics. His commitment
to Scripture was awe-inspiring. Honestly, there were so many memorable
scenes in the movie that I cannot even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed
it. I’m now waiting for the movie about Calvin. 🙂
If you guys wouldn’t mind, please continue to keep us in your
prayers. The insurance company money for the car was far less than we
expected (Minus the deductible and payoff, it was only $632) and although I
am grateful to get anything, I’m only receiving 60% pay for disability.
Most likely, we will have to use the insurance money for bills.
Also, and maybe Gary can shed some light on this, I’ve been
having strange dreams. The day after the accident, I was waking up
remembering more of the accident. Most of the dreams I cannot remember, but
last night I dreamed that I was kidnapped and beat up by two large men who
took me to a house with two other men. The funny part is (and you guys will
find this funny although at the time in the dream it was quite scary), one
of the men that I was taken to was William Shatner. The other was the short
K&B Construction guy from the TV show Home Improvement. Anyway, I was quite
lucky that my wife accidentally woke me up when she got up for work and the
dream ended just after the men released me.
Anyway, if I do not get a chance to tell you, I hope everyone
has a very blessed Easter Sunday!

Thanks everyone,

Dave M.

P.S. If anybody ever wants to chat, I’m online almost all day now…the laptop
is sitting on the coffee table beside the couch that is my new home and is
always on. Just email me.

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