So I’m sitting here in a Holiday Inn Express playing the “if I were a wireless network, where would I be?” game. Well, I found a network. But I can’t get on it because it requires a code that I am assuming is only issued to guests. Oh well. The wireless revolution hasn’t quite hit us all the way yet. Someday soon though, a person will be able to log on anywhere in the country. Verizon is already trying it and it won’t be long before others jump on the bandwagon and let us in. Until now, and until I figure out the future for my ISP needs, I’m stuck at Panera Breads and coffee shops and maybe even libraries until I can sit once again in the comfort of my home and surf the internet.
Speaking of comfort, the reason that I’m here is because a local transmission shop is looking at my truck. I’m a little scared to hear the diagnosis, but it needs to be fixed and we actually have the money to fix it…hopefully. I’m pretty tired after waking up at 6:30 to make sure I was at the place when it opened so I can hopefully get it around lunchtime and get to Ashland. Then I walked half a mile to a Big Boy where I had breakfast and coffee. Now I’m sitting here hoping the place calls soon because I’m bored and tired and have no place to go until it’s fixed.
It’s been an interesting few weeks for me. Two weeks ago, my wife and I moved our belongings to our new apartment in Ashland, Ohio where I will be attending Ashland Theological Seminary to earn my Masters of Divinity Degree. We returned back to Carleton to stay with some friends so I can work out my work notice. Last week, we went back and unpacked boxes and made the place livable. My last day at Target was yesterday and as soon as my truck is fixed, I’m heading to Ashland. My wife will follow this evening. Tonight we will stay at the apartment and tomorrow we will travel to my in-laws in Massillon, where we will spend some time with my brother-in-law before he leaves Sunday for his first year at Ohio State. Kandice will travel back to Michigan on Sunday morning to be here for a baby shower and she will remain in Michigan during the week until she finds a new job in the Ashland/Mansfield, Ohio area. She will be back down next weekend to attend a seminary picnic on Saturday the 24th that will follow orientation. The next weekend is still undecided as to who will be going where but classes for me start on Monday October 3rd.
There’s an update for now. More to come later.


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