This was written by a friend of mine named Duane Harris whom I graduated high school with in 1994. We recently reunited and I will be going to a high school reunion held in Gatlinbug, TN in a few months and will see him as well as other friends for the first time in years. Can’t wait!

“I just finished watching Saving Private Ryan. I have watched this movie probably ten times before tonight. As I sit here tonight I was moved with thoughts and emotions that compelled me to write you all today. I know there is a chance that you guys would think it is just another cheesy thought from Harry, but I figured since you know how I am any way you would forgive me if you did. As I watched that movie I had thought about the ultimate sacrifice that was made by so many. We as Americans so easily forget what those who have gone before us and served in combat have given up. Not only has the cause they fought for been so just, but the life that they could have would be a life in the most privilaged nation on Earth. I think about the men and women who have served our country in war over the decades. I thought about how each man who lost his life in combat lost all of the things we enjoy every day as well. We live in America. We are the richest, most powerful, and most enveyed nation in the world. Why?, because God has chosen to bless this nation. I feel a big reason for that is because the American fighting man has always faught for what was right. He bled and died for people who he never met in foriegn countries so that they may be free from oppression, dictatorship, and slavery. The American military has been the only force capable of accomplishing those tasks. The American soldier has not only preserved our own nation’s freedom but the freedom of many nations all over the world. That, I believe, is a big reason God has chosen to bless and keep this great nation we call home. The ultimate sacrifice has been made by so many, but not only those who have died need to be remembered. The ones who are currently serving over seas and the ones who have been badly wounded in combat, never to live a normal life should also be remembered. I know that Veterans Day is over but that doesn’t mean that we can’t take a moment to thank our God for the men and women who have made it possible for us to live our lives as we do in this great nation. Everything we enjoy can be traced back to a lonely, scared, cold, tired, strong, brave, well trained, and unwavoring soldier fighting on the battlefied of today or on the battlefieds over years gone by. I don’t want anyone to thank me today for my service. This is not about that at all. I have done nothing compared to the ones I have referred to in this email. I just want everyone to take a moment today to thank God for the American fighting man, pray for the ones serving right now, and thank a Veteran if you get a chance. Especially a WWII vet. Love you guys and I hope you all have a great day. God bless America. Honor the flag, and when you see one flying today where ever it is, remember them.”


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