My Middle-East Peace Plan

Step #1-Abolish the U.N. This blatantly stupid and worthless organization has probably caused more wars that should not have happened and delayed more wars than were justified. By the way, abolishing the U.N. would also abolish any and all binding resolutions.

Step #2-Create a very strong military alliance with Israel. This alliance would be stronger than any in history, stronger than the Axis or Allied forces in World War II.

Step #3-Expand the War on Terror. Expand the war to include the countries of Iran (for building nuclear weapons), Syria (for aiding Iran and Hezbollah), and Lebanon (for being a government, like Afganistan before 2001, that supports terrorism. Granted, Hezbollah is not technically part of the Lebanese government, but they have not stood up against them to oust them either. This makes then passive supporters of terrorism and this policy has proven to be a threat to Israel.).* **

Step #4-Impose the draft. Any and all able-bodied Americans from the ages of 18-25 (and to be expanded sooner) would be enlisted in the military.

Step #5-The War on Terror will now be labeled World War III. A first and relatively simple front would be to invade Lebanon and annex it to Israel. Then using the United States and possibly some of its allies like the U.K., begin to invade and annex each country. The current political situation in Iraq confirms that the Middle East is not ready for democracy. Therefore, martial law will be declared until each country is firmly under the fist of the United States and its allies.

*North Korea could also be considered in this plan, but with the possible exception of allowing it to return under the government of South Korea, thus reuniting it with its motherland. This would be a bit harder to accomplish and may require the same polices as in the Middle East.

**Cuba could also be considered in this plan and would be a relatively simple annexation to pull off. We could easily make Cuba one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world and use the money to fund World War III.

At the end of Step 5, peace would be obtained in the Middle East.


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  1. My peace plan is to turn the whole situation to China and let them sort it out.

    I am kidding, right?


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