You know how I said I would try to blog everyday? Well, I’m trying, but today, it is not easy. So to continue my thought…My question was: “If theology applies to every aspect of life, including how and who we elect for the Presidency, then what effect has postmodernism had on this process?”

Remember, WikiWikiWikipedia (that’s a joke, not a typo) defines postmodernism as “postmodernism tends to refer to a cultural, intellectual, or artistic state lacking a clear central hierarchy or organizing principle and embodying extreme complexity, contradiction, ambiguity, diversity, and interconnectedness or interreferentiality.” So, if truth does not have a “central hierarchy,” if truth does not have any “organizing principle,” then how can a candidate appeal to any greater power for responsibility? At this point, truth becomes relative and very subjective. Truth becomes about Me. What are the Republicans going to do for Me? What are the Democrats going to do for Me? Truth becomes complex because truth becomes about the individual and each candidate for President realizes this, therefore, most of them appeal to the “let me tell you what I am going to do for you as President” and very few candidates are actually running on a legitimate platform that talks about theories of government that work best for the country as a whole.

Talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Quinn and Rose, and especially Sean Hannity (annoyingly so) point to direct contradictions among the Democrats, but to the average American, they do not care because it is not about truth (or at least not an objective view of the truth) because Truth has not central hierarchy, no organizing principle, is contradictory and thus extremely complex and purposefully ambiguous.

So think about that as you realize that millions of Americans will go their respective state polling places to vote in their state primary and will go to the polls on November 4th to elect a national President and they will not have this country’s best course in mind; they only have themselves in mind.

Still think that Postmodernism has nothing to do with you?


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