Ron Paul Campaign Is Full of Right-Wing Conspiracy Nutjobs…but that doesn’t mean that Ron Paul is one!

See my title.  This has been my experience in dealing with some Ron Paul supporters which is why today I left a Ron Paul meetup online.  Just too many conspiracy theorists.  Unfortunately, they have really not helped Paul’s cause.  See this article below:

Ron Paul’s campaign sabotaged

last updated: March 15, 2008 08:53:22 AM

There is a reason why Ron Paul will not be president. It has nothing to do with fraud or Diebold machines. The reason why he lost is that a small but vocal minority of lunatic fringe elements (particularly Holocaust deniers and 9/11 “truthers,” people who believe 9/11 was an inside job done on behalf of a larger Jewish conspiracy) used Ron Paul’s campaign as a vehicle for the dissemination of their propaganda.

They had their own agenda and they didn’t care if it hurt Ron Paul’s chances. Their public statements and antics gave the establishment media the ammunition to unfairly link Paul and his real supporters to the subversive views of a tiny handful of malodorous cranks. Even after Paul made it abundantly clear that their views were not his, they continued to hang around his neck like the dead albatross, scaring away people who otherwise would have voted for him. The 9/11 “truthers” and Holocaust deniers should be expecting a thank you note from the Democrats very soon for sabotaging the presidential run of the only man who could have beaten them in November.




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