Ron Paul’s Long-Term Thinking in Dangerous Times

Ron Paul’s Long-Term Thinking in Dangerous Times

March 20, 2008 11:00 AM EST

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Ron Paul’s campaign for president has ended, but his “Revolution” has not. Paul’s message of liberty and change has resonated with citizens who were on the verge of abandoning any hope that our America could return to its roots, the U.S. Constitution, and what it means for our future as a sovereign nation.

Paul has stated that his campaign has not been one of winning the presidential nomination so much as “getting his message out to the people.” Igniting the minds of grassroots’ thinkers, filling hearts with hope of liberty, his message has reached into households across America spurring a conservative revolution which unites rather than divides.

Despite the media’s arrogance, ignoring Paul as a worthy candidate, there now exist small groups of supporters in every state of the Union. These citizens not only believe, they know, that the USofA cannot continue on its present and disastrous course of self-destruction.

In his March 6th message to his supporters, he emphasized that this is just the beginning of the “Revolution” and that it will occur, not at the top, but “from the bottom up.” Though he continues to deliver the message, he emphasizes that he is “just the messenger.”

Young supporters see the cause of liberty and what should be. Older (traditionally educated) supporters see what once was and should still be. As the more secular “enlightened” liberal educators took the helm to control education, revised books deleted the holistic history of the USA. From the 50s on, far from a classical, traditional education, children learned a watered-down, feel-good version of American History which has churned out adults who know not why they are Americans.

The present crowd of liberally educated elitists controlling government decisions and policies has practiced a whole range of enlightened ideas which goes against all common sense. Repeatedly hawked by the liberal media, we see a continuing rash of resolutions and laws enacted which make little sense to most Americans. “We the people” feel threatened by this continued lack of cohesion between “us and them.”

While Paul stressed that this is a contest between “two ideologies,” it boils down to either a nation under the U.S. Constitution or taking the course of all previously civilized nations — to a form of graduated socialism which almost always ends in some form of totalitarianism.

He stated that these are “dangerous and exciting times” we live in. We see the “dollar crisis” the illegal immigration crisis tied to the idea of a North American Union much like the European Union; inflation, deflation, recession happening at the same time; America’s manufacturing base dwindling; manufacturers moving their factories and American jobs to unstable countries in all parts of the world; American education, compared to other countries, completely dumbed down.

Right this moment America stands at the bottom of a stored-up ocean of debt that encompasses the next hundred years. Leading to a nation without liberty and freedom, America will become a gigantic, tax and spend, socialist government.

As David Walker, former head of the U.S. Government Accountability Office, has stated, “We are mortgaging the future of our children and grandchildren at record rates, and that is not only an issue of fiscal irresponsibility, it’s an issue of immorality.”

Using a biblical phrase, Paul refreshingly depicted in his message, it is up to the “Remnant of true believers” to plan the next phase of the “Revolution” and spread the message.

The Remnant faces a long journey encompassing future generations. Of course we didn’t arrive at this point in time in a vacuum. Almost all the decisions of the past to the present have been short-term band aids to temporarily resolve problems of the day, not long term solutions. Unfortunately those band aids have accumulated over decades and threaten to destroy us.

Ron Paul has steered our embedded short-term thinking to long-term thinking. People are now considering “long-term solutions” and a “long revolution” which may incur much sacrifice and suffering along the way. America can regain her stance as a strong nation, with a strong business base and a strong workforce, an increased savings rate, and a constitutional government — but it must start with us.

“We the people” sense that Ron Paul is right in so many ways about America. Ultra-strong on his economic sense, he understands what the majority of Congress, the President’s administration and the people fail to comprehend.

He knows in his heart that America must look to her own survival as a matter of course instead of following our present road to Hell.

My fellow Americans, it’s up to US!

© 2008 Bonnie Alba


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