Kandice Has Surgery Tomorrow March 31st

We will arrive at Mercy Hospital about 5:30am for surgery prep that
should start around 7:30am.  The surgery should last somewhere between
2-5 hours and provided everything goes well, Kandice will be in the
hospital about 5 days.  Many of you have asked about visiting and when
to visit.  Kandice loves visitors, but please refrain from visiting
tomorrow.  The first 24 hours after surgery has always been very rough
and she simply will not be up for any visitors.  Kandice has also
asked that if you were thinking of buying her flowers (not that she is
expecting that or anything) please buy her some Propel Fitness Water
instead.  She likes all flavors.  As funny as that may sound, Kandice
will be on an all-liquid diet and she would rather have something
really good to drink than something pretty to look at.  After all, she
already has me, right?  🙂  (That was bad, I know.)  One other thing,
Kandice will have an NG tube during much of this process and talking
really irritates her throat.  Talking can be difficult so please keep
that in mind.

If you could, please remember me in prayer, too.  I started a
part-time job and it is going well, but time demands will be many this
week and I will need the energy to keep up and to stay strong for
Kandice.  Above all, we know that God has a plan in all of this.  Our
prayer is that God gets the glory in everything and especially this.
Kandice is an amazing woman and she has been through a lot (the story
is very long) and we are confident that this is yet another step in
the process of her getting her better.

I will update everyone tomorrow as soon as I can.  Thanks again for everything.

David McDowell


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