Six Years

Last night, my wife and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. After such a hectic week, it was nice to attend church in the morning, recharge the social batteries with friends and family for lunch, and then spend the evening with my wife at Outback and then see a movie. We reflected a lot over the past year. This time last year, neither one of us had a job and moving in with the in-laws was our only real option. After a year of staying with them, we are scheduled to sign a lease on a new apartment in Navarre tonight. We were disappointed last week when our original apartment option fell through but this one looks like it really is all done with the exception of the ink being on the lease and, of course, we are very excited, but trying not to get our hopes up until everything is official…

Just heard from the wife and the electric bill is in our name and the gas bill is in the process (as soon as they receive a copy of my wife’s photo ID and Social Security card; thank goodness she is able to do this during her work hours). Is this thing really going to happen? It feels so surreal…


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