Why I Will Not Vote For McCain


Up front, I am a Republican. But first and foremost, I am a Christian, a Conservative and a Constitutionalist. I believe in the power of the individual, that God gives each man opportunity to make it in this world. Because of this, I believe that every hindrance ought to be removed in this quest except for that which naturally exists. Also, because I believe in the power of the individual, I believe in the power of life. I am strongly pro-life and believe that if adult life is to be taken, whether it be in execution for a crime, the so-called “right to die” or even in war, great lengths ought to be taken to be as sure as possible that this death is noble. In the first election that I was able to vote in, I was in the Army and did not get my absentee ballot in time. I would have voted for Bob Dole. In both the 2000 and the 2004 election, I voted for Bush. I wanted a stronger conservative in the White House and even thought that McCain might be the man in 2000, so I voted for him in the Michigan primary. In 2004, I had some misgivings about the War in Iraq. I still believed in it fundamentally, but I believe it was being badly mismanaged. I finally reached a point last year where I switched some fundamental beliefs on government.

As I wrote above, I am first and foremost a Christian. I do not look to government to save my soul. If you are looking for government to bail you out or to give you a handout, I say to you with all due respect, this is not the government’s responsibility. We continue to sell more and more of our soul to the government when government takes away our opportunity to rise above our circumstances and excel. We have replaced our personal responsibility with dependence on big government. As a conservative, I believe in small government and this includes the military. What was originally meant to defend our great land is now being used to police the world and for nation building. As a Constitutionalist I believe that the only powers federal government is to have are those laid out in the Constitution. I also believe that the only war that the United States should be involved in is the war that has been declared by Congress. It is apparent to me that our military is engaged in an illegal and unjustifiable war and being used to build the nation of Iraq. Our boys need to come home now.

The most important issue this election cycle in the economy. Our country is in dire straits when it comes to the rising price of oil, the devaluing of the dollar and our infrastructure. We cannot afford to bail our Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. They should fail and the government should leave them alone. The system is correcting itself, but we continue to screw with the system. The free market works..if we let it. We also cannot afford to continue this illegal and unconstitutional war. If we bring our troops home, it will be the first step among many to stop overextending ourselves and overspending ourselves and it will help strengthen the dollar.

McCain does not seem to understand that this economy is not good, particularly here in Ohio. We are spending money we do not have to support a war that we should not be in while our infrastructure continues to suffer. McCain may be a “fiscal conservative,” but he is not a Constitutional Conservative. He believes in deficit spending, particularly on his own “100 Year War.” He supports the role of the military in illegal wars. True conservatives understand that the military is an extension of the government and should have one role: to defend our country…not to invade other ones.

McCain is also in support of giving rights to illegal immigrants. In what has to be one of the most egregious platforms in American politics, McCain wants to build the nation of Iraq in the name of a strong national defense while allowing illegal immigrants to pour across the borders of this country unchecked.

There are other options besides McCain and Obama. Bob Barr is a former Republican who left the party for the very reasons that I wrote above and is now running as the Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United States. While I remain a Republican and do not endorse all of the platforms of the Libertarian Party, I believe there are bigger issues at stake beside party loyalty and that is why I am endorsing him as my choice for the next President. If you do not want more change, but rather a return to our conservative and Constitutional roots, then Bob Barr is your man. We want more than change; we want liberty!


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