I Am Not A Postmodernist

You ever had one of those days when ideas keep coming? There are things you want to say to everyone, to people that you love…

Or maybe it’s just sermon topics or ideas or teaching lessons…

I’m having one of those mornings where its hard to concentrate on work unless I just get some of these ideas out of my head on a blog or paper. Since I type faster than I write, I thought I would try it this way:

I have been accused of being many things in my life. I often get accused of being post-modern. What I find interesting is that most of these people cannot define to me what a postmodernist is, but they still insist that I am one. Most of these people are well-meaning. Indeed, I think almost all of them are.

Let me reassure everyone that I am not a postmodernist. My theology lies firmly in what seems to be a modernist concept. I believe in absolute truth. I believe in right and wrong. I believe that some people are sincerely wrong. With all that being said though, I allow room for me to be wrong. I know quite a few people who are so sure that they are right that they pridefully look down on others. That is not being right. That is sin.

I accept that I am on a journey. That may sound like I am postmodern, but I do not believe it is. I just think I know what I don’t know and I try not to pretend like there are things that I know for sure when in reality, I just don’t know. I try to temper everything with grace. I’m not always successful. Just ask Kandice how I sometimes act when I get behind the wheel of a car. I do not try and use grace as an excuse to sin, but I recognize that on this journey, I will come to places that I am much less than what I should be and that is when God’s grace rings forever true to me. Like I said, I am learning even more to realize when I am in a place where I am limited and where most people are limited, especially in their “knowledge” of certain things theological.

Here is one example: Creationism vs. Evolution. I believe, per Genesis 1:1, that God created the heavens and the earth. I believe that God created the heavens and the earth in six days and on the seventh, God rested. What I do not know is that these were six literal days. I disagree with Ken Hamm when he says that the use of this word only denotes literal days. I believe, per the Scripture and my study of Hebrew, however limited that might be, that the Hebrew word for “day” does not always mean a literal day, particularly when we define a day as a rotation of the earth complete with a morning and evening which the book of Genesis also mentions. How can we have a day when the sun was not created yet? I don’t know. And guess what? Neither do you.

Could it be that these were six literal days? Yes. Could it be that they were not six literal days? Yes. That’s right. It could be both. The difference between me and a postmodernist is that they accept that both views are correct. I believe that one or the other is correct, not both. One or the other is correct; I just do not know which because I do not have enough information.

Another issue is that many times, the arguments are couched with false dichotomies. In this situation, there are many other options besides literal day Creationism (Young Earth Creationism) and Darwinian Evolution. What about the Gap Theory? Old Earth Creationism? There is more than one choice, and the startling reality is that in the big scheme of things, there is only one thing that matters: Do you believe that God created the heavens and the earth? If so, congratulations. You have a Biblical Creation Worldview. Believe it or not, that is all that is required.

I believe that the reason that people think that I am a postmodernist or are simply confused about my theology is that I do not stand dogmatically on issues that are not dogmatic. In other words, the essentials are worth dying for. Everything else is part of the journey of discovery and in growth in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. How do I define the essentials? I think the best definition is the Apostles’ Creed with a relational emphasis. I am not a creedal Christian in the sense that my church recites this creed every week, but I think it defines very closely the definition of what defines a person as a Christian with one caveat. The Christian life is as much about relationship as it is about belief. I do not view these things as separate, but as one entity. To believe in the essentials of Christianity, to define oneself as a Christian means you believe with all your heart, mind, and strength the essentials of Christianity and by that belief, you are committed to growing in the grace and knowledge or our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, relationally, both with your fellow man and with Christ, recognizing that He is alive and well and active in our lives today.

Well, that’s enough for now…


2 responses to “I Am Not A Postmodernist

  1. Well, if you believe in “absolute truth” you can only establish the fact that “I think therefore I am”, but even that can be reduced, through Nietzsche’s refusal, that the only absolute truth is that there are thoughts and that the human misconception of assuming that there is a thinker because there are thoughts lies in utter absurdity. So in that case to believe in a god without any established reason to do so refutes your own belief in absolute truth. And being a believer in modernism which is a movement that is heavily influenced by the belief of progress in science makes you somewhat a walking self-contradiction.

    • davidmcdowell

      Your use of non-sequiturs is truly dizzying, beginning from the first sentence. I really have no desire to debate with someone who has already decided what they believe (I cite your own blog where in the title you call Creationists “idiots”). If you would like to discuss this further, you may email me privately, but I refuse to allow you to use my blog as a sounding board for your nonsense.

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