The Problem Of New Evangelicalism

The problem with New Evangelicalism is really quite simple compared to the other issues that we have looked at.  When this movement began in the middle of the 20th century, it was an honest and sincere attempt to re-engage the culture that Fundamentalism had left behind.  But somewhere along the way, it catered too much and began to become a parody of itself.  It went beyond evangelicalism and began to appear more like Protestant Liberalism.

What is fascinating to me is that in the 20th century, several schools of thought emerged (no pun intended) from the framework that had been built for two centuries before it.  But in the end, New Evangelicalism brought us back to the same answers as before.  If you cater to the culture too much and do not recognize and stand on issues that the Bible calls sin, you risk becoming a watered-down shell of a theological movement.  But if you do not engage the culture at all, you risk becoming a separatist, fueled by hate and fear of the culture around you and completely oblivious to anything relevant.

That is why I call myself “fundamentalistic.”  I do believe that a person should remain separate from sin, but when we begin to call things sin that the Bible does not call sin, we add to the Word of God.  We are called to be discerning.  It is very easy to paint something black and white.  It does not require us to think, only to judge.  That’s too easy.  To be discerning, one must rely on the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us.


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