On Judging Others

What a great weekend!  Kandice and I were able to visit with some our friends and family in Michigan and celebrate the wedding of my wife’s Aunt Mary and now Uncle Tim.  They were married about four months ago, but Kandice’s Uncle Ray, who lives in Pinckney, Michigan, hosted a great Wedding/Memorial Day party for the family this weekend.  The burgers, short ribs, and the brats were awesome!  Hopefully, this was not just a weekend to eat good food, but I sincerely hope you took the time to remember those who have given their lives in wars current and past to defend our freedom.

I was able to reflect more this weekend about what it means to judge someone.  Matthew 7:1 is probably one of the most abused passages by both believers and non-believers.  We are commanded not to judge by any other standard but by the one that we hold ourselves to.  As I was dwelling on this, I remembered Paul’s words in Romans 3 that we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  The standard is the glory of God and since we have all fallen short of that, it doesn’t seem that any of us have the right to judge anyone.

I don’t think that this means that we can’t be discerning, but I think what it does mean is that we remember that this is really all about grace.  There is just no way that we can show grace by drawing a line in the sand that we created and judging someone for jumping over it.  We can show grace by lovingly pointing others back to our standard of right and wrong, the Word of God and per that, the glory of God.

I think that I have been guilty lately of being very judgmental; again becoming the thing that I despise and my motives, as pure as they have been, have not been pure enough.  My wife lovingly reminded me as we were at McDonald’s and I was grumbling about the long time it took for the staff to get our food (i.e. being judgmental) that it’s not about us.  It really is about Jesus and grace.   Jesus, help me to remember this.


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