What’s On David’s Zune?

I’m starting a new segment on my blog that I used to do on my podcast.  This segment is called “What’s on David’s Zune?” or could be called “David’s Infinite Playlist,” but something that is copyrighted per the movie with a similar name.  Anyway, from time to time, I will be bringing you the listing of songs that I listened to that day on my playlist.  Here is today’s list:


Bring Me To Life—Evanescence

Be Wary of A Woman—Darius Rucker

Break Free—Decyfer Down

Rock On—KJ-52

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room—John Mayer

Makes Me Wanna Sing—Stryper

Ex Cathedra—Alan Renkl (Excellent Podsafe Song Available at music.podshow.com )

I Want It All—Queen

Orange Blossoms—JJ Grey and Mofro (Another great blues song that is available at          music.podshow.com )

Set It Off (Tweaker Remix)—P.O.D.

Mansions—Burlap To Cashmere


Lose Yourself—Eminem

The Other Side of the Fence—Jonny Lang

What’s Going On—4 Non Blondes

It’s Been While—Staind

Last Kiss—Pearl Jam


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