Mouse Identified

The mouse seen yesterday near Navarre, Ohio has been identified as 31 year old Mark Smith. Smith (31 years old in mouse years) recently escaped from the Mouse Correctional Facility where he had been serving a five-year sentence for cheese robbery. Smith escaped two days ago from the facility and was spotted in the living room of Navarre resident David McDowell. “I was just doing my podcast and he does this little jump from one side of the room to the other,” McDowell said. “He was a cute little guy, but I can’t harbor a fugitive in my house, no matter how cute he is.” Authorities have issued a statement that reads, “Mr. Smith is not considered armed and dangerous at this time, however you should not approach him. If Mr. Smith is spotted, you should contact the Life With A Mic podcast at lifewithamic[at] Humane traps have been set and we expect to apprehend him at any time.” Mr. Smith is described as two inches long and about an inch high, dark brown with a “cute little tail and cute little pink feet” according to Mr. McDowell.


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