Search For Escaped Mouse Is Called Off

According to a spokesman for a local law enforcement agency, search efforts for escapee Mark Smith have been called off. “The search for Mr. Smith has now switched from an active search to an inactive search,” a local spokesman said. “This means that law enforcement officers will now focus on other law enforcement issues, but remain vigilant to Mr. Smith’s whereabouts and continue to maintain the humane traps as necessary.” Mark Smith escaped from the Mouse Correctional Facility on July 14th and was spotted by local Navarre resident and podcaster David McDowell. When asked for comment on the called-off search, McDowell responded, “I think it’s a timely decision. They can’t focus on a little brown mouse forever. There are other issues to consider. But rest assured, I will remain vigilant and any spotting of that mouse will result in it’s capture.” McDowell has already responded by creating a “Life With A Mic’s Most Wanted List” with it’s one and only member right now being Mark Smith. If Smith is spotted, the Life With A Mic podcast should be notified by sending an email to lifewithamic at


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