An Unlikely Disciple

I was browsing in a Border’s a few days ago and saw this book and requested it from the library and it showed up a few days after.  It is called An Unlikely Disciple. It is about an Brown-educated nineteen year old who decides to take a semester off from his liberal university and attend at “America’s Holiest University,” Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.  What makes this book fascinating for me first of all is that I also spent my very first semester in college at Liberty and so I am able to relate to most of his writing.  Since that time, I have shed most of my fundamentalism (at least culturally) and have become more moderate on many issues.  Secondly, I  very much relate to Kevin Roose as he enters this strange world because now, to me, that world would also be very strange.  I am certainly much different that I was at eighteen-years old and hopefully wiser and I do not tend to fall into some of the intellectual traps that Liberty puts in front of you, the most common being that you have only two choices, fundamentalism or atheism.  It just doesn’t work that way even though I sometimes wish it did because it would make choices in life so much easier.  Anyway, I am not yet ready to give the book my full endorsement, although I will say I am having a hard time putting it down.  Since it is written from Roose’s perspective, it is not a “Christian” book, but so far has been very enlightening nonetheless.  You can check out the book on Amazon here.


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