Star Wars Is Still Good…In Small Doses

Yesterday, I took the entire day to watch all 6 “major” Star Wars movies (my wife pointed out to me that I did not watch them all since I did not watch the Ewok movie, but I did watch episodes 1-6).  This sounded like an awesome way to spend a day, but about the time I got to the ending of The Empire Strikes Back, I was really realizing that Star Wars is almost always good, but it is really good in small packages.  If you desire a long block of Star Wars or even and especially all of them, I now suggest two sittings, one for the first three episodes and another for the second three.  After 15 hours of movies, I am officially tired of Star Wars and feeling guilty for wasting so much time.  Today, I am back to the grind, still looking for that perfect job…


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